Why Is Skin Exfoliation So Important?

While the value of keeping your skin cleansed, hydrated and shielded from the sunlight has become the mainstay of morning shows as well as women’s magazines for a long time, exfoliation has frequently been relegated to a necessary evil. Our pros weigh in on why at the center of healthy skin lies a great exfoliation.

“You can conquer this challenge by exfoliating weekly.” His co-worker Freytag and Danielson say that without exfoliating, excess oil and dead skin cells develop, causing pores to clog. The easiest way to clear clogged pores is an exfoliation mitt.

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Spark your dermal layers
Originator of the herbal skincare line Earthtonics, Daron Hope, considers that exfoliation of the skin is key to attaining optimum tone and radiance. “When the face is lightly exfoliated, it provokes the outer dermal layers to regenerate more rapidly,” says Hope.

It does not require much to slough that top layer of dead skin cells away. The best practice would be to utilize a light touch.

Create a better suntan as well as a closer shave
This will provide you with a closer shave, and not only makes your make-up go on better, but exfoliating the body before using self-tanners provides you with a more even tan. Worthington advocates using a light day-to-day exfoliater for the body two to three times per week for the face as well as a salt or sugar scrub.

Get your glow on
Senior Beauty Editor for Shape magazine, Ellen Miller, says that as we age, the method of cell turnover slows down, and cells begin to pile up on the surface of the skin — making our skin rough, dull, dry or seem. Miller says that exfoliating correctly additionally helps the anti-aging and hydrating ingredients in skincare products penetrate profoundly, making them much more powerful.

Understand your exfoliants
Manual exfoliation includes using a skin brush or an abrasive scrub to slough off dead cells, while chemical exfoliation happens when you use a product which has ingredients that dissolve those dead skin cells without scrubbing.

In the event that you are going the path that is chemical, pick a rind or mask which has alpha or beta hydroxy acids for deeper exfoliation. In the event that you’ve got sensitive skin, search for products that have fruit-derived enzymes (like pineapple, papaya or pumpkin). Miller says once a week is plenty exfoliating. Any more than that can make your skin dry and irritated.

You can read more about the best home microdermabrasion, but know that this is a serious subject and you need to take action to keep your bodies largest organ healthy.

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