Enter the Fourth Rail

The Fourth Rail takes you beyond the three dimensions of emptiness and promises to deliver information on what you want.

We’ll be sharing all of our thoughts and future plans for this website here, we’ve already began posting requested content. Check the blog for all article listings.

We’ve been asking you on our Facebook page what you would like to see on this website. Many online business owners hire expensive law firms and specialists when starting their business. Your State and Federal documents do not require lawyers for processing.

Business Information

When starting a new business, online or off, you will be required to file your Articles of Incorporation with the State you operate your business in as well as an EIN Number. Once you have acquired both of these documents from their State and Federal processing agencies you will be ready to open your bank account.

Should you need to relocate within the USA we highly suggest US postal service change of address for online change of address form processing assistance.

When opening a new business bank account be sure to bring both your Certification of Incorporation as well as your SS4 Form EIN documents.

Some states require agents to file on your behalf but this is a rare occasion. In many instances you can file your documents in other states for added benefits as well, however this depends on the type of business.

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