Facts About Jewelry Care You Need To Know About

Jewelry is a cherished and expensive possession. Many people will associate a specific piece of jewelry with a happy or otherwise memorable moment in their lives. This is why it is important that you care for your jewelry correctly. If you want to ensure that your jewelry lasts, you need to know some facts about jewelry that will help.

Handle With Care

Handing your jewelry correctly is the first fact of jewelry care that you need to know about. You should always handle your jewelry with care if you want it to last. When you take off your rings, you should never hold onto the gemstones to do this. This will cause the setting prongs to loosen and the stones will eventually fall out of the ring.

You should also be careful regarding the clothing that you wear with necklaces and bracelets. You should avoid any clothing that will snag your jewelry because this increases the risks of breakage. Broken links in chains and bracelets are common when you are not careful regarding the clothing that you wear.

Avoid All Chemicals

You need to avoid getting any chemicals on your jewelry because this will cause discoloration and damage to the precious stones. The chemicals you should avoid will include acidic fruit, perspiration, soaps, lotion, chlorine and hard cleaning chemicals. If you are going to be cleaning your jewelry yourself, you should also avoid any chemical cleaners.

If you are going to come into contact with any chemicals, whether natural or not, you need to take your jewelry off. You should not swim with a necklace on or wash your hands with your rings on. If you are going to clean your jewelry, it is recommended that you take it to a professional that can steam clean them for you.

Wipe After Wearing

While you should have your jewelry cleaned by a professional, you can take some steps to keep them looking clean. The most important step to caring for your jewelry in this way is to wipe it down after you have worn it. When you remove the jewelry, you will need to wipe the item with a soft, clean and smooth cotton cloth or jewelry polishing cloth. You should not use this cloth on any of the precious stones or pearls that are in your jewelry.

When you wipe down the jewelry, you will be removing skin oils from the surface and any dirt which might have built up. This will keep your jewelry looking good for longer and will prolong the time until you have to get the jewelry cleaned. It is important to note that the cloth you use will darken over time, but you will still be able to use it. This is particularly the case if you are going to be using a polishing cloth.

Be Aware Of Light And Temperature

When you store your jewelry, you need to be careful and aware of the light and temperature. You should never store jewelry that has pearls or gemstones in direct or excessive sunlight. This will cause discoloration and dull of these items which is something that you want to avoid.

You should also avoid storing your jewelry in excessive cold or heat. This will undermine the structural integrity of the metal and could make it brittle. Storing your jewelry in a box that is kept at room temperature is important if you want to increase the longevity of the items.

There are many facts about jewelry care that you need to know about. These facts will help you keep your jewelry looking its best and maintain the integrity of the metal. For more information click here http://www.shopedc.com/jewelry/jewelry-store-troy-ohio