Can You Get a Social Security Number for a Child Born Abroad

Anyone who is a citizen of the United States should have a social security number, but if you were born abroad you will have to apply for one. Parents who had a child abroad and want to have their child get a social security number will have to first of all arrange for citizenship for their child, then complete the application process – which will require documenting the child’s residencies outside of the United States.

How To Get Social Security For Child?

The easiest way to get a social security number for a child born abroad is to make an appointment to visit the Federal Benefits Unit. There will usually be one of these at a consulate or an embassy, and they will advise you on the documentation that you will need to submit as a part of the application for a social security number. The documentation may differ depending on the country that you or your child was born in. This is the fastest way of getting a social security number, because any information that you give to the FBU will be transmitted to the Social Security Administration for you automatically.

If there is no FBU in your nearest embassy, then you can still visit the consulate or embassy and submit an application, although it will take longer to get processed. You should call the embassy or consulate, or write to them, to request an appointment. You will be told what you need to bring with you. Once the appointment has been completed, assuming that you have provided everything requested, your application will be processed by the SSA. If your application is incomplete, then your dossier will be returned to the embassy or consulate, and this extra step could significantly delay the application.

Request For Social Security Number

The request for a social security number will take some time to progress, and the FBU will want to see the documents first-hand to inform you whether or not the documents are correct. They have the expertise required to be able to tell quite quickly whether the documents are correct.

If you have been living in the U.S. for some time and now want a social security number, you will be asked to provide details of all of the countries you have lived in before you moved to the United States. You will be asked to provide as much evidence of this as possible. Good documentation and record keeping is vital.

Once you have a social security number, if you lose your card you can request another one free of charge, but there is a limit of ten cards per person per lifetime, and you should take care to look after your cards because of this. Requesting a social security number is free, and replacement cards are also free. Do not use third party services, because they are not approved or regulated by the SSA, and those who use them could be at risk of identity theft, or at the very least of their application being delayed because of the addition of a third party in the process. For more details visit